Korean Fashion – How to Dress up Korean Style

Have you ever thought of Korean fashion or dressing like a Korean celebrity you saw on TV? Or you admire Korean style but you do not know where to start? Well, below are some useful tips on how to dress like a Korean.

Korean Fashion – How to dress up Korean Style

It is essential to note that the basic things needed in Korean fashion are similar to any other culture around the world. Even though it is a bit unique, some of the things are the same. One basic thing about Korean fashion to consider is the layering of clothes, and how you should mix different colors. For instance, black pants, red top, red shoes and a black bag might be too boring. So look for something creative. Below are some tips to help you put a perfect Korean look.

* Choose the right bottom-wear –First, look for potential pants you can use. You can pick casual shorts, skirt, pants, leggings or a pair of jeans. Jeans are recommended because they can be matched with many things. But look for something you will be comfortable wearing. According to fashion experts, never sacrifice comfort for fashion. It may not work and even lead to disaster.

* Choose a good top –Choosing the right top will depend on the bottom-wear you choose. For example, if you choose tight pants, pick a loose and a long top, and if your bottom wear is not tight, choose a tight and a short top. If you want to wear plain-pants, a top that has designs and prints will look great. According to Korean fashion, dark-colored pants should be paired with light-colored tops.

* Choose the right shoes –the next important tip is putting on the right shoes. For instance, if you want to put on short-shorts, tight jeans, skirt or leggings, you have numerous options. You can put on high-cut sneakers, slippers, boots, sandals or doll shoes. If you are wearing pants with loose-end, then you are advised not to have high-cuts. Try to limit the length of the footwear up-to-the ankles. The shoes you choose will always say something about the fashion.

* Accessorize –the last thing you should not ignore is about accessories. Accessories will put more attention on the entire outfit. Korean fashion is well achieved by spicing your dressing. You can wear bangles, a long necklace, glasses, blazer, a scarf, a big bag and many more. However, do not wear many accessories all at once. You do not want to look like a crown or a Christmas tree with so many decorations. Now you know the basics about Korean fashion. It is now easier to dress like a Korean with those simple outfits in your wardrobe. But it is always important to note that the secret of having a successful fashion lies on the person and not the outfit. Hence, be confident, simple and do not overdo it. With that in mind, step out and let everyone know you can pull off a perfect Korean style.